The different splinter groups from the villages were merged to become the then Isseke Development Union under the Chairmanship of Late Chief Charles Nwabueze. This metamorphosed into the Isseke Progressive Union (I.P.U.). Chief Charles Nwabueze then handed over to Ichie Vincent N.Muoneke (Ichie Onunaekwuruora of Isseke) upon his return from overseas as the first graduate of Isseke in 1955 as President General.

Ichie Vincent Muoneke further handed over to Chief Barr. Adolphus Obeneri Ejenobi who served from 1996 to 2000 as the PG. Ichie Okosisi Isseke served as the President General of Isseke Progressive Union between 1986 to 2000. During his tenure as PG, he introduced and executed a number of developmental projects in the areas of connecting Isseke to the National Grid transmission, the expansion and upgrade of Afor Isseke market as one of the four major markets in Ihiala L.G.A, the government approval of Isseke Primary Health Centre, etc. In recognition of his contributions to the service of Isseke community and the society at large, Barr Adolf Ejenobi received several honours and awards.

That was followed by Late Chief Ernest Ifeanyi Nnabuife’s tenure as President General of I.P.U. He handed over to Chief (Dr) O.A.U. Leo Eleanya (Ohabuike). Ichie Ohabuike further handed over to Late Chief Emeka Nwaolum and later Chief Hon. Adolphus Agudozie (Anyanwu Isseke) who served out the tenure of that leadership. Chief Adol Agudozie thereafter handed over to the current President General, Hon. Christian C. Okafor in April, 2013 for a five-year tenure terminating in 2018.

During these years, Isseke witnessed a number of development projects spanning across electricity, education, health, rural infrastructure, market development, social integration amongst others.

Isseke has a robust calendar of events which include Settlement of Disputes, Cabinet meetings, Mgbako Isseke, I.P.U.General Assembly (Isseke Ezue), Isseke Cultural Festival, Ofala Cultural Festival, Ezeoha Day celebrations, amongst many others.

Isseke is also blessed with notable personalities in public service, business and the private sector.

Town Union Executives

These are the Selfless Leaders who are piloting the Affairs of the Town Union