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Isseke is one of the ten autonomous towns in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. Isseke community is strategically located on the famous Ihiala- Orlu road and is also one of the six communities called Ebonesie. Isseke is made up of five villages in the following order of seniority: Ubaha, Edeke, Ezere, Etitilukpor and Ihitediji.

Isseke is one of the rural communities connected to the National Grid on 33 KVA Line transmissions from Oji-River to Obosi on the route to Owerri and Aba in 1987.

During the same period, the Afor Isseke market was upgraded as one of the four major markets in Ihiala L.G.A under Chief Fort Dike the then Chairman of Ihiala L.G.A. in 1988/89. Other markets in that category upgraded were Nkwo-Ogbe Ihiala, Nkwo-Okija, Afor-Isseke and Uli markets.

The people of Isseke are known by their neighbours as people of music, dancers and poets. Every joyful occasion in Isseke is an occasion for the display of several dances by men, women and children. The people of Isseke are very industrious, they produce cotton and weave raffia into bags, mats and bed covers.

The traditional ruler of Isseke is His Majesty Igwe Emmanuel Chukwudi Nnabuife, who was crowned as the Ezeoha II of Isseke Ancient Kingdom on the 28th of September, 2003.

Isseke is home to Olaudah Equaino, the author of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa’, who was sold into slavery in the 18th century.


The leadership of Isseke is under the Ezeoha-in-Council led by the traditional ruler and the Town Union government, the Isseke Progressive Union (I.P.U.) led by the President General. Through the smooth rotational principles clearly understood by Ndi-Isseke, there is usually peaceful transition to the positions of Igwe and President General rotated amongst the five component villages in the order of seniority.

The Royal Cabinet is responsible for matters relating to culture and traditions of the town while the Town Union government oversees the social, political and economic development of the town. It is important to emphasize that Isseke is one of the communities specially blessed with harmonious working relationship between the traditional institution and the town union. This has helped to foster mutual love, communal ambiance, peaceful co-existence and development in Isseke over the years. Again, this peace helped to provide a fertile ground for strangers to live and conduct their legitimate businesses peacefully in the town.